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Nearly 20 years of experience in journalism, from local press to national media. Has worked with, and in, Russia and the former Soviet Union for ten years.

Graduated bachelor of journalism from OsloMet University, Russian language from the University of Oslo.

Has specialized expertise in Arctic society and politics, human rights and freedom of expression and east-west relations.

Journalistic experience from public broadcasting NRK, the online newspaper High North News, the national newspapers Dagsavisen, Aftenposten and Dagbladet, amoung others.

Background from communication work in the human rights organization Human Rights House Foundation. Has long worked with media freedom and the safety of journalists and the conditions for critical and investigative journalism.

Chairman of Barents Press Norway.

Football referee. Brews Arctic beer as a leisure activity and is a proud garden sauna owner.

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For confidential inquiries, please use secure communications such as Signal, WhatsApp, Telegram and encrypted email.
I always read all emails and (almost) always answer the phone.

Signal: +47 41 44 05 65

Russia: +7 900 939 37 90

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